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    Evil Men Don't Understand Justice

    Don Snellgrove grew up in Jacksonville, Florida.  He attended Florida State University in Tallahassee as well as Nova University and Atlantic University, both located in South Florida.   Don majored in music education with a minor in math and earned a Bachelor of Music Education (BMed) degree.  After teaching middle and senior high school in the South Florida public school system, Don opened a local music store while concurrently pursuing an MBA at Atlantic University.

    Don Snellgrove

    Don loved the music business; his passion and prowess led to a series of successes. While his own store flourished, he developed two Southeastern regional music retail outlets into major music equipment importers and exporters.   With achievement came insight.  During this lucrative period, Don discovered a simple financial secret that would transform his life path: Money provides the power to significantly help others.  Though he’d grown up economically deprived, Don was determined to find a way to use his new wealth to enrich others.

    While active in the retail music industry, Don also performed in recording studios as a studio musician for many well-known artists, movie and TV personalities.  The quality of his sound track recordings earned him credits on numerous films.  This valuable production experience, coupled with many key contacts, seeded Don’s thinking with a bold ambition – to someday become a film industry executive producer.

    Throughout those busy years in the music business, Don was an avid listener to the celebrated radio commentator Paul Harvey.  During one particular broadcast, Mr. Harvey mentioned the profits to be made in the insurance industry.  Realizing the potential profits could actualize his twin dreams of helping others and producing films, Don seized the opportunity and became an insurance broker.  Aided by his background in business, Don soon duplicated his pattern of previous successes.  Soon he was winning sizeable insurance sales contests. The young man who’d grown up poor was jet setting to faraway exotic destinations. A decade of hefty commissions in the insurance business yielded Don a healthy financial portfolio. But he knew that real worth couldn’t be measured in dollars alone.  Don worked on himself to acquire insights into character and integrity while cultivating a commitment to always provide the best in value and service to his clients. Referrals multiplied; his fortunes grew.

    In the early 1990’s, before the digital revolution turned obscure garage start up partners into high profile billionaires, Don learned of the newly-opened Forex currencies market.  Fascinated by the spectacular gains to be made in what had been the exclusive domain of institutional and high net worth investors, Don set out to master the alchemy of turning pips into profits.  But the price of admission to this financial Promised Land was exorbitant.  Mentors were few; tuition was excessive; support was weak; lessons were difficult; mistakes were costly.  Undeterred, Don attended numerous seminars at home and abroad, learning an early version of Forex trading that was largely based on traditional stock market principles.  His foray into the Forex market proved to be painfully expensive.  But Don was determined.  He wouldn’t give up.  If others could learn to reap the great rewards, so could he.P

  • Part 2

    Today, in his upbeat and folksy 6 a.m. morning webinars, Don often recounts his early trading experiences, including the infamous black day in which he lost $250,000 in the market.  At that point, others would have admitted defeat.  But Don discerned the lessons in the losses. He recouped his investment and went on to become a renowned Forex investor and world class mentor, as evidenced by the international mix of his early morning webinar attendees, many of them now high-performing Forex traders.

    Unflagging despite substantial early losses, Don developed proprietary trading systems which gave him a disciplined and predictive advantage over the traditional methods he’d learned and discarded.  Don’s achievements stunned the marketplace.  What Wall Street said couldn’t be done, Don did. He broke the Forex world record in cumulative consecutive trades on live accounts without a single loss, with over 600 profitable trades in a row.  Don’s bitter beginnings, together with his ensuing successes, have given him a profound and empathetic knowledge of the path any beginning, intermediate, or advanced trader must walk to become a consistent Forex professional.  (Note: Several of Don’s students have exceeded his world record.)

    The bliss in Don’s life reached a new plateau when he eloped to Maui with the love of his life, Barbara.  Today, this energetic couple shares affiliation in numerous businesses together.  They have dedicated nearly a decade traveling the world while building the largest Forex mentorship program available anywhere.  Their Concorde Forex Group offers traders free ongoing support, affordable Forex training, refresher audit seminars, along with free seminars and other Forex events at conference centers located in Maui, Canada, London, New Zealand, Australia, and other exotic locations, all subsidized or underwritten by the Snellgroves.   Asked recently by a new trader why they do this when so many other Forex training operations squeeze new traders for every penny possible, Don replied with a famous quote from motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Both Don and Barbara claim that practicing this “others-centric” principle of helping people help themselves has brought them newfound wealth; not only have their businesses prospered, but they have achieved the rare, inner treasures of tranquility, gratitude, patience, and settled faith in the One greater than themselves Who choreographs their lives.   They were thrilled with what they were able to do for so many.  Not only did they train others to be self-supporting in the Forex markets, they were able to give valuable support to many non-profit organizations such as the St. Jude Children’s Hospital for Cancer Research, the Ministering to Ministers Foundation, Comfort Zone Camp, as well as numerous churches and individuals in need.

    But their settled faith would soon be severely tested.  At the height of their success, tragedy struck.  One of their key businesses was a brokerage house run by a manager who had come to them bearing impeccable credentials.  His practices proved less than flawless, however, as he turned out to be a sort of “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.  He and his chief accounting associate left the brokerage suddenly, just as federal regulators were poised to seize the operation.   Don and Barbara returned from their globetrotting business building to discover a business in ruins, the manager and chief accountant gone.  Worse, several employees and family members lost their jobs in the wake of the meltdown.  Don and Barbara, completely unaware of the improprieties committed by the manager, found themselves answering to the federal regulators, who conducted a long and costly investigation.

    In the end, Don and Barbara were declared innocent of any wrongdoing.  But as the business was in their names, they bore the fiduciary responsibility.  The regulators imposed a large fine on the Snellgroves personally to recover the costs of the government’s investigation.  Ironically, the person who’d actually caused the losses which triggered the investigation was not deposed by federal attorneys for nearly a year.  According to the regulators, he used the lead time to divest himself of any funds that could be attached.

    While the Snellgrove’s business foundered, competitors saw an opportunity to capture Don’s robust client base.  They leveraged the reach and anonymity of the Internet to spread rumors, innuendo, and outright falsehood about the Snellgroves and CFG.  Panicked clients fled to the competitors; several of the finger-pointing brokerages offered attractive positions to former CFG employees who brought their Rolodex of relationships with them.

  • Part 3

    Truth Will Stand The Test of Time

    It has been said that “Truth will stand the test of time.”  At the time of this writing (May 25th, 2011), four years have passed since the loss of the brokerage and many competitors, along with some of the company’s former mentors and employees of the CFG trading program, had said that Don’s primary company, the Concorde Forex Group, Inc. dba CFGTrading “would go under within six months”.  Despite their prognostications, CFG continues.

    Don and Barbara regret that the competitors’ smear campaign, designed to ruin the Snellgroves personally, actually hurt many of the ones they’d helped the most – previously successful traders whose trading careers were ruined when they migrated their accounts to the slandermongers. Thankfully, a number of them have returned to CFG and now attend the support webcast each morning to improve their skills and rebuild their margin accounts.  Several of the competing brokers and mentorship programs have closed their doors; their defamation crusade has backfired.

    Don and Barbara have never spoken on the Internet about their attackers and gossipers.  They have not sued anyone for libel. It is their personal conviction that the slanderous individuals must deal with God Himself someday.  They have never revealed the names of the disparaging attackers (nor will they) and this posting is the first commentary on the subject that has been published by Don and Barbara.

    Instead of succumbing to despair and defeat, the Snellgroves have continued to develop their personal faith in God and to rebuild a business established on the simple principle of helping others to be personally successful.   When asked, “What has enabled you to get past the personal and professional damage caused by your former employees, friends, family members, and competitors?” Don and Barbara reply in unison, “forgiveness”.

  • Part 4

    The Rest of The Story

    As now-deceased radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say in his daily broadcast, “Now for the rest of the story . . .” To many people, CFG stands for the company name Concorde Forex Group, Inc. dba CFGTrading. But to those loyal traders on the inside with Don and Barbara, who continually wanted to support charity programs, rebuild disaster areas and assist the needy, CFG represents a baseline attitude ofconsistent faith in God. Committed Christians themselves, the Snellgroves are people of great personal faith. Many of the people closely around them share in a deeper fellowship of service to the Creator. They believe that financial blessings are given to those committed to bless others. Many well-known Master traders, Wall Street associates, and international bank traders, as well as some very close Christian friends, continued to stand by the Snellgroves during their toughest times. Don and Barbara will be forever grateful for their support in the face of such angst-ridden and contrary circumstances.

    The heartbreak of four years ago has led to new triumphs in CFG’s business today. Don and Barbara have applied the same spiritual and operational principles to rebuilding the business that they used to found it originally. And those principles work, as demonstrated by the positive rebound they and their trading group have experienced. Along the way, Don has gained keen insights into the functions and interplay of Wall Street, the government, and Forex market makers. Don knows what is right – and what is wrong – with the marketplace.

    Nowhere is that newfound knowledge more apparent than during Don’s 6 a.m. (Eastern time zone) one-hour weekday morning webcast which focuses on successful strategies for trading precious metals and global currencies. During these daily sessions, Don teaches new, intermediate, and seasoned traders the technical skills which underlie his own trading successes. His conservative techniques have helped many of his online students achieve consistent performance as “string traders”, with cumulative account histories of hundreds of positive trades and few if any losses. (Caveat: Don warns students to master the art of stop losses, knowing when to abort a trade in order “to live to trade another day.”) Don’s morning webinar is offered FREE to anyone who has attended a seminar with CFG, FM (a gold seminar hosted by Forex Express), or with Forex Gold Markets. These morning seminars are attended by traders from the US, Canada, Spain, the UK, Japan, Australia, and many other countries. Don offers a free three-day “visitor pass” to determine if the training he offers and the results displayed are compatible with a prospective trader’s goals and risk appetite.

    Don is very transparent about his methodical strategies. Since launching the early morning webinars in August, 2010, he has built up a study trading account by over 500%. The history of this training account reveals over 600 positive consecutive trades, with only one small loss of $160.00 occurring on Nov. 11, 2010 due to human error. Visitors to the webcast will be able to view this trading history for themselves.

    During a typical webinar, Don enters up to five trades each morning, while traders listen to his explanation of the entry types and often trade along with him, either on a live or demo account. Don only suggests trade entries and never tells someone to enter or not enter because a decision to enter the market is always the trader’s decision. As Don has always said, “Once they press the button, traders are personally responsible for their actions in the market.”

  • Part 5

    Don emphasizes the importance of safety stops, as well as mastering a conservative “slow growth” attitude which, over time, has helped a number of his trading students to double and triple their margin accounts. Don makes no outrageous or inflated promises of fast, high returns. He cautions new learners against overtrading their accounts, of guarding themselves from a gambler’s mentality, and emphasizes the importance of small, consistent transactions which can lead to long term gains. As Don says, “This is a dangerous, whiplash marketplace in which the tortoises generally outperform the jack rabbits.” Prior to assuming the risk inherent in live trades, Don recommends that new traders take a two-hour entry level online trading skills course offered by one of his associates, followed by accumulating a trade history of 50 consecutive, positive trades in a demo account. Don observes, “It’s too easy to lose money in Forex. But if you master certain thinking and trading habits, you can improve your capacity to earn. The simplest and least perilous approach is to master the principles Master Traders follow. I’ve personally and painfully documented what doesn’t work, so if you want what we have, just learn to do what we do.”

    Visitors may receive an invitation to attend three consecutive mornings of the 6 a.m. (Eastern time zone) webinar by contacting forexhelp@earthlink.net or telephoning CFG’s International Marketing Director at 904-783-1819.

    Don has authored an international bestselling book entitled SELECTIVE FOREX TRADING, which reveals some of the secrets of the patented S90/crossover trade. This book was published by New York-based Wiley and Sons Publishing, one of the oldest and largest American publishing companies specializing in trade and professional texts (www.wiley.com). The book is available from fine booksellers in the US, Canada, the UK, China, Australia, and India. It is also available online from Barnes and NobleBooks A MillionAmazon, or directly from the author at www.selectiveforextrading.com. Don is currently writing a new book on trading strategies.

    Barbara Snellgrove has just released a compelling new novel, Trading Vengeance, a thrilling and suspenseful drama which unfolds in the turbulent world of the Forex currency markets (available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions. Click the book title to read an online review.)

    Don and Barbara have realized their twin dreams – again. They are helping others learn to earn a superior part-time or primary income and they are seriously engaged in producing feature-length films. (Click here to see Forex funded films produced or in production.)